Agile Supply Chain Management

Trust can’t be bought. It's something we earn with each and every encounter, experience, relationship, and result we deliver.

Operating With Integrity, Excellence & A Truly Collaborative Spirit

Our strategies are guided by our vision to be the world’s most trusted and relevant professional end-to-end supply chain and logistics services provider – one that attracts the best range of agile supply chain services for organisations and combines the most innovative technologies to assist supply chains in establishing trust and delivering sustainable results. This is accomplished through…

Data analysis and supply chain review
We examine what your supply chain may become when daring actions and game-changing innovations are implemented throughout the chain.
Current supply chain performance
We'll establish a list of priorities that will bridge the gap between your current supply chain performance and the supply chain's final design.
Creating supply chain value proposition
We will consider operational, commercial, capital, supplier, and regulatory restrictions and develop realistic scenarios that will result in a supply chain value proposition.
Developing supply chain execution models
We assist you in developing an aggressive, integrated roadmap that blends long-term performance with immediate and ongoing cost savings.
Realise supply chain value
We'll assist you in dismantling barriers and establishing a dynamic, adaptive, and linked supply chain ecosystem with built-in intelligence and automation, so changing reactive response into confident leadership.
afrilog strategic framework

Our Strategic Framework

Our methodology is carried out through the lens of our strategic framework, the Sourcing and Procurement Execution Quadrant (SPEQ). This enables us to approach the supply chain holistically, from sourcing through logistics execution.