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Your supply chain may have spent decades refining the intricate network that ensures the safety of your items from storage to final destination. Nonetheless, as with any sector, there are difficulties that, if not handled, can have major safety and financial ramifications. Allow us to tackle those obstacles so you don’t have to!

Our value-added solutions include:

afrilog customised solutions

Your Supply Chain Is Our Core Focus

Afrilog sets itself apart from the competition, through its commitment to offering unrivalled service and support, by constantly innovating and adapting in key supply chain areas

Afrilog customised category management

Customized Category Management

Afrilog provides accurate procurement to specification by focusing on technical expertise and an awareness of the individual procurement material categories. By further segmenting material categories according to the SPEQ model, specific execution methods enable direct and indirect cost savings through material price reductions and by promoting the lowest total cost approach throughout the supply chain.

Our personalized category management services are intended to help you achieve the following goals:

Tail-End Spend Management

A sometimes-unnoticed cost contributor, “The Tail End” is made up of numerous low-value stock keeping units (SKUs) that generate a significant level of transactional volume. Each transaction entails an unquantifiable cost. These costs include:

  • Time – Excessive transactions divert important time away from critical supply chain opportunities and challenges.
  • Documentation – Multiple pieces of paper are generated for each transaction across the supply chain; these administrative costs are incorporated into the supply chain in some way or another.
  • Errors – Increased transaction volume results in increased possibility for error and increased data to monitor and manage, increasing the likelihood of supply chain errors that result in additional costs or delays.

Our Tail-End solution allows our clients to focus on what matters most while we manage small value purchases, lowering total supply chain expenses. Our tail end management service is intended to do the following:
afrilog tail-end spend management
afrilog demand management

Inventory Management

(Demand Planning and Management) With rising working capital demands in global supply chains, leveraging vendors to better support inventory in the right location and at the right time has become increasingly crucial. Managing consignment and vendor contracts, on the other hand, can be a complicated undertaking, and typical commercial terms are no longer sufficient. Afrilog homogenises this procedure by leveraging pre-existing and established vendor agreements.

Our consignment / Vendor Inventory Management (VMI) services and warehouse management provide for:

  • Rapid deployment of inventory on-site transparent agreements with clear business rules
  • Shorter lead times
  • Less working capital

Solutions to streamline your inventories

Local procurement, consignment, VMI, and materials requirement planning play a major role in:

Vendor Management

Managing a diverse set of vendors in today’s global supply chain while adhering to all regulatory and performance benchmarks is getting increasingly complicated. With an established network of vendors, we can assure our clients that vendors have been vetted and evaluated continuously through effective performance monitoring. This enables our clients to focus on cost reduction, service quality, and risk mitigation to extract additional value from vendors across the contract life cycle to:

afrilog vendor management

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